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Welcome to the homepage of Andreas Tratz Photography.

Animal  |  Wildlife  |  Nature

Fine Art Photography

Nature and Wildlife photography with passion!

With intense moments and expressive animal portraits

I want to show people the beauty and diversity of our worlds fauna.

To highlight the individual character of my subjects,

I always try to use creative shooting techniques and perspectives.

Regarding my work, I have high demands on myself evermore

and I try to give expression to my art not only in color images,

but furthermore with pleasure in timeless black and white.

Monochrome photographs allow the viewer to get completey involved in the subject

and its story without being distracted by bright colors.

Many different finely nuanced shades of grey or else strong contrasts

give black and white shoots their very own charm and magic.



You like my photographs? Or do you want to approach me for a specific project?

Or maybe you have question, I might be able to answer for you? Then do not hesitate to write to me! I am always happy to receive your E-Mail or private message on Instagram!

If you like to order some of my work for your wall, you can also directly visit my online shop,

where you can find products in many different sizes and materials!

+49 151 7230 65 65


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